Friday, February 17, 2012

Dress it up

For reasons I can't explain, I am more of a dress wearer in winter than in summer. Floaty wisps of summer dresses always look good on others but don't sit quite right with me.

Maybe it is the safety of being able to wear tights that makes winter dresses more appealing to me. I suppose I could embrace my inner Kate Middleton and wear flesh coloured tights in summer, but ummm, that will never happen.

As summer in Sydney has been such a disaster with lots of rain and minimal sun, my thoughts have been racing ahead to winter already. The good thing about Sydney winters is that all a summer dress needs is some tights and a cardi and you are as warm as you need to be... unless winter is going to be hysterically dreary and blah.

I'm finding Ashely Green's little red dress to be my kick-off inspiration. Black tights? Present. Pop of colour? Here! That's all I need, although I know I wouldn't be able to resist a whole arm full of braclets and rings in real life - if I don't chime and rattle like a bag of spare parts then I'm not happy!

And when it's colder, I would sling a leather jacket over this for that rock and roll edge. I need to find the perfect leather jacket for this season - one that is flattering but not too heavy and not too expensive. The right leather jacket is harder to find that the right pair of jeans.

Ashley seems to be fond of this look as well, because looky here, she's wearing another pop-of-colour dress AND standing in front of a poster of her on the cover of Lucky magazine also wearing a pop-of-colour dress!! Spooky.

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