Friday, July 22, 2011

Sara Paxton - style file

I recently saw the below photo of actress Sara Paxton at Comic-Con in San Diego and thought she looked like the kind of effortless beauty I would like to wake up looking like.

I mean, check her out!! Who wouldn't want to look this casual yet stylish, free and breezy, healthy and happy?!??

So I went on a search to see if she is always this aspirational, and I found that yes indeed she is. I think I might have to dye my hair blonde! ;)

Looking fabulous for Tommy Hilfiger's 'Prep World Pop Up House' event in LA. 

 Love this combination of mid length skirt, floaty blouse, and red/pink sandals.

Leather jacket, skinny black jeans, neutral t-shirt - all very standard until you add the fabulous leopard print boots!

I think I like the cut-outs on the shoulders. I've never been a big fan but she makes it look good.

Polished yet easy. I think I can recreate this look at home!

If I had to wear a jumpsuit this is the one I would wear. It's not too voluminous and not too 'formal'.

I do love a girl that wears yellow - it's hard to pretend you don't care when you are wearing yellow. Also I have a certain fondness for puffy-sleeved jumpers like this one that I have never quite been able to explain.

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  1. She is gorgeous! Love the white dress and funky belt.


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