Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspired by ... Kate Bush

I have loved Kate Bush for ever! As soon as I saw her wailing and doing her sexy, weird dance on the English moors I have loved her.

When I was a teenager she appealed to the Anglophile in me - the part of this Queensland country girl that longed for green fields and artistic companions with ruddy cheeks and windswept hair. A far cry from the smelly boys I grew up with that never got off their horses long enough to be in anyway interesting.

I thought Kate Bush was the most beautiful and intriguing creature I had ever seen ... and I may have even bullied my best friend into calling me Kate for a week or two. It didn't stick because Kate and I are streets apart. And when I say 'Kate' I mean the Kate of my imagination. The girl that is always winsome and distant, strong and alluring. That Kate, not the real Kate that is probably caught up in the same day-to-day working mother treadmill that I am on.

Anyway, the imaginary Kate had real street cred back in the day and could wear a leotard like no-one else before or since. But her style went beyond that 80s hippy crossed with a white witch aerobics instructor. I present to you the evidence....

In 1982 she signed copies of her album "The Dreaming" for fans in London wearing what look like red and white motorcycle pants. Awesome! And a t-shirt that I think says 'I'm a Madonna and you?'

In 1980-something she wore this completely lust-worthy kimono jacket with red tights. Not very witchy at all.

She suited up like a man for a photoshoot in 1985 and managed to look 100% woman.

Looking beautiful in black and white - I feel the need for some B & W dressing now.

So hot!

Biker Kate - also not witchy and weird.

Doe eyes, red lips, pale face = my idea of 80s beauty.

I don't know if I will be able to dress like Kate but I do want to get my fringe cut now! I know it won't make me look like her but every little bit helps. Maybe I can still capture the teenage dream, and all without even the hint of lycra :)

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