Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The glamour that keeps on giving

My Mister and I are going to country NSW this weekend to celebrate the combined 40th birthdays of two dear friends who live in Orange.

Initially lady-who-is-turning-40 wanted the birthday bash theme to be GLAMOUR! Just that - just large letters GLAMOUR! But she got so many phone calls from so many friends who were stumped on what glamour is that she changed the theme to Sex in the City ... which has to be said, runs parallel to the glamour theme.

I never really watched that show, for no really reason except that I was probably on my big backpacking stint around the world when it started and then never really dove into it once I stopped travelling. So I had to ask the good old WWW for some advice on what those ladies would wear to a GLAMOROUS event in western NSW... and I was impressed by what I saw.

It was obvious early on that the SITC lady I most resemble is Charlotte - because we both have dark hair... and there the resemblance sort of ends, but it's a place to start. I like her preppy, casual American look so it's a good thing we both have dark hair! :)

I noted with my eagle eye that Charlotte had a fondness for lovely dresses, so that is my inspiration. Behold -

So I will be attempting a loose tumble of gorgeous hair, demure heels and some subtle jewellery while channeling my inner Charlotte in this dress from Portmans ....

I hope I can manage to do her character justice.

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