Friday, August 24, 2012

Casual Friday

It's casual Friday today at Fortify Yourself. So I have asked all of the lovely celebs to dress down for the occassion.

I have a full weekend ahead of meeting friends, attending two kids birthday parties and dinner out with hubby (plus shopping for Father's Day presents! Argh! Father's are the hardest to buy for!). I need cute, casual and comfy clothing ideas to get me through all of that activity so I asked the World Wide Wardrobe for help.

And look at what Ms WWW found me!

Olivia Munn is wearing my dream almost-Spring weekend outfit. She looks so super stylish and gorgeous here. Even though I don't have my ears pierced (I know - the last of my breed) those hoop earings make me want to get them done.

Jennifer Lawrence has chucked on a pair of jeans with a white t-shirt and has made the concept look fresh as a daisy. Those cool sunnie and that straight-out-of-the-surf hair certainly help as well.

I need to get a well cut denim shirt - not a boxy one, a slim fit one. They are like gold dust and I know because I have tried on many a bad one in my time and have yet to find one that fits me like this one fits Christina Hendricks. Also, those red lips!

Amanda Seyfried is catching a plane in comfy style.

Give Sydney's crazy weather at the moment where it's sunny and warm during the week and windy and freezing on the weekends, this is probably more like the outfit I'll end up wearing. Mila Kunis is wearing a pair of wedge heel boots that looks just like a pair I bought recently. I like the rolled up leg of the jeans - nice touch.

Have a good weekend - make it stylish!

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