Friday, March 2, 2012

Tomatoes are delicious - off and on

Given that we have had such a wet, mild summer in Sydney we have managed to still have a pretty good crop of tomatoes from the small tomato grove (about six plants) we have planted on the nature strip at the front of our house. Our neighbours take one or two when they need them - which we encourage - but they usually leave us enough for all the caprese salads and bruchetta we need.

Late last year I discovered a fantastic recipe for roast tomato and red lentil soup ...and then I lost it. But no matter, I have followed the general recipe that I remember and have turned out a pretty marvellous soup that the WHOLE FAMILY eats! Tres rare!

You take these, fresh from the garden if you are lucky enough to have them -

Chop them and put them in a roasting pan with a sprinkle of salt, plenty of good quality grassy olive olive, and loads of garlic unpeeled and put it in a low oven for an hour or two until they are still juicy but baked.

Then you take a saucepan and another splash of cooking olive oil - add chopped onion, celery and two carrots. Saute until soft. Then add 5-6 cups of water and a vege stock cube. Cook for a while longer. I usually add a can of tomatoes just for a bit of added tomato omphf and then add the roasted tomatoes to the soup. When it's all cooked you blitz it with your food processor - we have a hand held one.

In the meantime I cook a cup of red lentil in two cups of water with three bay leaves until soft. You add the lentils to the soup after it has been pureed. Then eat with crusty bread and amaze your friends and family with the rich tomato flavour!!


To go with my current tomato attitude I feel the need for a red dress that does the salsa on my soul. For example ...
Red leather! From Raoul Mock.

Or this cute and cheap one from Old Navy - they ship to Australia you know.

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