Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orange you glad it's almost Spring

I bought this beautiful t-shirt off ebay last week mostly because of the colour. I have discovered that orange suits me. Who'd have thought?! But when I wear orange people always comment about how good it makes my skin look so I'm going with it. Orange all the way!

I'll be wearing this beautiful shirt (which is a Torretta Tee by Meadow Rue from Anthropologie) with white jeans and dark jeans and a blue and white striped pencil skirt that I love. It's going to get out and about a LOT!

Of course, now that people have flattered me about my kinship with orange I have been on the look out for other orange items that I can add to my wardrobe.

Yes please! I'll have this beautiful necklace and bracelet from etsy seller DivinaLocura.

Orange pants from Ruche.

I want this Lucky Brand bag soooo much!

And, of course if you are going to go orange you need some awesome wedges from Anthropologie. Naturally.

Just to be clear - I won't be wearing all of this orange at the one time :)

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  1. wohooo! what a hoot to see my creations in here! i love orange, is such a happy color, great outfit choices ... and those shoes!!! love them!
    cheers! and thanks for sharing ..
    Maril .. Divina Locura ;)


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