Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birdy love

This is Maggie - the magpie that has adopted us as her family. We think we was knocked out of her nest during some windy weather a couple of months ago because she adopted us when she was fluffy and grey. Now that she is a young adolescent she's decided that all of the food and love we gave her back in her younger days is still worth hanging around for.

And, she's so smart and so funny that we let her!!

Whenever we go outside the house she's there on the hedge singing us a beautiful magpie carol. She sometimes swoops down and lands right on top of my head. She then slides down my hair and tries to find a perching spot on my back - never on my shoulder because that is strictly for pirate parrots only.

When I am weeding the garden and digging in the soil she is there, practically sitting on my garden trowel, with her beading eye looking out for worms and beetles to eat.

She likes to flip over on her back and let the sun shine onto her tummy - or get a tummy rub if she's very lucky. My girls would rub her tummy until she has no feathers left if she let them ... and I think she would.

We don't feed her and we don't know where she goes to every night, but we are always happy that she is back to sing to us every morning.

She's my fashion inspiration today - black and white is alright! Well, this is mostly white, but that's alright too.

In theory I like this look from Nelly Furtado at the Billboard Awards - but the dress is too long, the necklace to big and the hair too severe. I do love Nelly's music though so I'm going to let her have the comfort of knowing that I think the dress is beautiful.

But Lisa Marie Presley took the dress-like-a-magpie theme waaay too far! Her lower half is horrible.

Wow! Kelly Brook in Cannes!

This is exactly what I would wear to the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival (if anyone ever asked me to attend) but Jessica Chastain wore it instead.

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  1. So tame! How wonderful. We have very friendly maggies, who seem to do very well food wise, especially from my husband's generosity. But they are not so tame as to let us pat them or sit on our shoulders.

    That's quite a story!


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