Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breakfast of champions

My 10 year old daughter has the dreaded NAPLAN tests all this week so I am sending her off to school with a full belly ... it helps the brain instruct the hand to get all the questions right, you know!

Yesterday is was porridge with frozen berries mixed in and a sprinkling of brown sugar. Today is is french toast with honey bananas and hot chocolate. Not only does this combo give the brain the jolt it needs, it warms the cockles on these decidedly chilly mornings. We love to watch the steam rising off the back gate as the sun heats up the morning dew .... it makes up feel like we are watching the fog roll in on a Scottish isle. Then a kookaburra will land, dangling a dead skink, and shatter that fantasy.

Miss 10 years old is all fired up to blitz the tests as she just heard she has been accepted into her preferred high school for 2014. Very exciting for us all. I have three girls and they will all be going to this high school so I will be reading notes and attending special days for the next 10 years.

And, am I the last person in the world to fall in love with Game of Thrones? Heck it's good. I feel inspired to do go off and stalk Emilia Clarke online now. I hope she dresses well because I'm going to feature her tomorrow.

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