Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back from Bathurst

We all celebrated the freezing cold long weekend by heading west to the beautiful city of Bathurst. So cold, so windy yet the girls had to be wrestled into socks. Why don't children feel the cold?! Is it some sort of weird evolutionary thing in case their parents leave them out in the woods? But while Hubby and I were piling on scarves and coats my three crazy girls were running around in shorts!

I was doing a lot of this ...

.... drinking tea, siting in cafes with friends, and eating pizza while drinking wine. That's about it. Oh, and shouting at the kids to put on jumpers and socks.

Also we ventured outside to admire the beautiful countryside and a t-rex fossil.

We had a great time but it is nice to be home where I can run out to the car without having to put on several layers of clothing first.

Which segues me to my current warm wooly jumper dilemma. I cannot seem to find a good looking, stylish jumper that isn't shaped like a flapping square. I do understand the boxy jumper look, and I have a couple of them myself, but I also want a nice slim jumper that flatters and is interesting instead of one that just sort of hangs there.

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