Thursday, May 24, 2012

Game of Thrones - beauty among the beasts

Well, I have officially joined the rest of the tv watching world and am completely obsessed with The Game of Thrones.

The acting, the sets, the scenery, the sex, the costumes, the dragons! Argh - it's all so lush and divine that my eyes barely know where to look.

Hubby and I have taped the first season and most of the second season and we are trying really hard to pace ourselves so that we don't run out of episodes too soon .... making our life meaningless and empty.

The ladies of Game of Thrones are all so beautiful, even when they are bitchy, conniving and completely unlikable. Even when they are covered in brusies and blood they are beautiful.

So I had to find out more about them, and lo and behold they are also stylish! Bonus!

Of all the female characters on GoT the one I like the least - by a thousand miles - is Cersei Lannister played by Lena Headey. But Lena is so cool and funky that I am actually starting to warm a little to Cersei... but she does need to back off and stop being such a 100% dangerous cow!

My favourite character is played by Emilia Clarke - she's the blood of the dragon queen, Daenerys Targaryen. She's beautiful and ethereal in the show so I knew she'd be gorgeous out of character.

Bringing the GoT inspiration into my daily fashion life is a hard ask because most of the time the girls are naked, wearing armour, or swanning around in huge robes that ummm, don't really suit my lifestyle.

A GoT girls would need some hard-core gladiator sandals as well ... but you need to be able to run from knights, wolves, and who knows what else, so better make them flats!

This tank from Suede is like soft gorgeous chainmail. Its the armour a girl can put on to go to war at work!
Suede alslo sells this amaaaazing neck-piece which looks like it would stop a spear or two.

This fabulous bag by Valentino (don't look at the price tag!)is like a panelled leadlight window in a forboding castle - just the right amount of Medieval for a GoT look.

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