Friday, September 30, 2011

Every girl has her limits

I like to think that in a lot of aspects of my life I have a wee dash of risk taker in me. In matters of  fashion and style I like to kid myself that the dash of risk is more like a large splash.

But there are limits! Yesterday I declared I would never wear flesh toned half socks... and I don't care who knows it! I don't think I'm alone in rejecting that fashion flash-in-the-pan, but there are other more mainstream trends that I just can't seem to embrace fully even though my heart really wants to.

Full-on gladiator sandals for one. I always think they look hugely sexy and cutting edge on other people, but I me I just can't see them working.

 Wow! While I do appreciate these heels I couldn't wear them ... but it's ok because I can get the flavour of them from these Clarks that arrived yesterday. Impractical above, practical below.
And, I can't bring myself to wear gathered or pleated skirts, as much as I love the look of them. Show me a woman who has had three children who can! I really don't need the extra yardage around my middle.

Much as I love this Portman's skirt I have to stick with sleek and uncomplicated.

Also maxi dresses... just who exactly do they look good on!? I like them in theory but whenever I put one on it swaps me and makes me look like a short-legged stump. Granted, I might not have found the right one, but I have tried and failed several times. And I've yet to see a person on the street who is wearing a maxi dress AND looking good in it.

Except for maybe Vanessa Hudgens, I suppose she looks okay.

And I guess Alessandra Ambrosio looks half-way decent. Ok, maybe it's just me.


If I could buy one new dress this summer it would be this one from Camille .. isn't it beautiful! The colour and the detail are truly gorgeous.

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