Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's hear it for the (older) lovely ladies

Doesn't Anna Wintour look divine in this red dress?! Usually I think she looks unhappy and worn down, but this dress makes her look fresh and fun. Fun!? Maybe not a word usually associated with Ms Wintour, but I really think she does. The power of a fab frock!

I love Diane von Furstenberg and really wish I could justify spending big bucks on a dress of hers. I have scoured ebay for great finds, but all of the good ones go for massive amounts. The lady herself is something of an inspiration to me. I read an article about her ages ago (in Harper's Bazzar I think) and she just seems like a sorted person.

Check out these gorgeous examples from her Spring 2012 collection. I would wear every single piece ... and I would love it!

Susan Sarandon was checking out the fashion in New York wearing this amazing outfit - of course the best accessory is her wonderful body.

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