Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feeling Spring-y!

At the beginning of each new season I drool over all of the fashion possibilities. This winter had me rethinking the batwing jumper, dreaming of stomping around in kick-ass wedge boots, trying on countless skinny black jeans looking for the perfect pair (thank you Country Road!), and imagining the perfect waist-nipping winter coat ... which by the way I don't think actually exists.

I spend so much time imagining the perfect wardrobe that I fizzle out when it comes to shopping. I hope wedge boots will still be in for next winter because I never did actually get around to buying a pair even though I LOVE them.

But this Spring - oh the endless possibilities!!!

This Spring combines ALL of my fashion loves - bright colours, flowy tops, patterns!


So far I have bought a great white line blazer from Sussan - this is odd because I usually stay clear of Sussan because their clothes never seem to fit me properly. It is going to be my go-to basic this Spring. Really its just a great way to wear lots of colourful and patterned tops without the top blaring. A white blazer, a gorgeous top and dark denims - that's a recipe for perfection.

And, just to mix it up I will be going all opposite by wearing a white tank under this lovely cardi that is on it's way to me as we speak from Ruche. I could wear white jeans, dark jeans or olive pants with this. Or, if I ever find a pair of bring red jeans that look good on me, I could wear this with them as well!!! Pigs might fly before that happens though.


I ran out today to source tiles for our laundry reno. I am not going through all of the renovation trouble just to have a bog standard laundry! So I'm looking for a practical way to funk things up a bit in the laundry department and I thought tiles might be the solution. But the range of tiles in my price bracket can be a little bit disappointing. So now I am looking at doing some creative painting.

I love LOVE the look of this laundry and as luck would have it our laundry is a similar shape. I just have to work out the best way to make a peg template and get cracking with a paint brush and roller. Oh, and try to convince Hubby that a lime green laundry is just what he's always wanted. Well, it's not like he ever goes in there!!!

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