Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stylish Mandy Moore

I am loving Mandy Moore at the moment. Weird because there is more than 10 years difference in our ages, but I do like to think that she looks a bit like me when I was 27. Hee hee .. wishful thinking maybe, but we have the same colouring so don't scoff!!
We also seem to have the same taste in style. If my 10 years younger self knew better she would have been wearing what Mandy is wearing today - then we would have been completely impossible to tell apart!!! ;)
She seems to be getting more beautiful as she gets older. She's lost that rounder face and has found her style.
Who would have thought that the girl that brought us thart horrible pop So Real album would turn into this lovely actress and fashion designer. Nice to see someone in young Hollywood going up in stature instead of straight to rehab!
Mandy with Jenny Packham at Jenny's spring show New York.

Wearing the most beautiful dres at the Lela Rose show in NYC.
And, she wore these gorgeous shoes!!
In a fabulous dress with a pop of red in New York.

Looking gorgeous in England.

Looking cool even though she is standing next to a man dress as a giant mosquito for World Malaria Day. Now that I am in possession of a white blazer I can do this look at home.

So pretty at the LA Tangled premiere.

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