Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A home among the gum trees

Two years ago we bought 250 acres of beautiful land in the New South Wales town of Oberon. It's not a very trendy town. It's not boutique-y and arty like towns in the Blue Mountains, and it doesn't have a gourmet reputation like nearby Orange.

It is a farming and logging community full of country people driving into town at the end of a hard days work to have a quiet beer at one of the local pubs. It is also surrounded by beautiful National Parks. We didn't want arty, we wanted land and a river. We wanted acres and acres of our own land so that we could plant trees and grow an orchard. And we wanted a river running through it so that hubby could fish and the girls could swim. We got both of those - more than 1km of river frontage on the gorgeous Fish River and lots of lovely land for our orchard.

(These photos are were take on our property. Isn't the autumn light beautiful!)

But we didn't get a house!! We only bought the land and decided to camp on it whenever we visited taking our time to consider the house options. Well the camping thing is getting old very quickly. We don;t really look forward to the almost three hour drive up there just to end up in a tent. And it's VERY cold in Oberon so winter camping is completely out of the picture.

I have spoken to architects and builders about designs and budgets and time lines, etc. The designs have been fabulous, the budgets eye watering and the time lines unacceptable. So I am now looking to prefabs. Obviously prefabs have come a long way in the past decades. They are no longer fibro boxes that scream cheap and ugly. The number of good designs is quite overwhelming.

We are not interested in putting some sort of imitation country cottage on the property - I am keen to go quite modern but hubby is yet to be convinced.

Here a couple that have made it to my shortlist, or my wish list !

Like most things in life a decision is going to come down to price and ease. Got to say though I'm pretty happy with the standard of prefabs out there.

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