Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's off to work I go...

I am officially back in the ranks of the employed. I left my last job (reluctantly after 13 years of faithful service) on Friday and, after a couple of days of panic where I applied for every job out there, I am back in the saddle. Or more appropriately, back at a desk. I start as a sub editor on a well know national magazine in two weeks so I have no time to loose to get some relaxing in!! Hurry and relax!!

The job is only three days because with three children, one still not at school, it is horrifying to think of working a full week!! I mean, I know there are nannies and long daycare centres out there, but that is still a lot of work to get done in one week.

My last job was for a large internet company so the dress rules were non existent. I know of people (and by people I mean programming engineers!) who came to work in their pajamas. I didn't go quite that far into the casual side of the wardrobe, but I did turn up 99% of the time in jeans and not too much exciting on top. Plus I worked from home two days a week and .. well, need I say more.

That will have to change because a quick glimspe at the gear adorning the backs of the people in my new office tells me that I have to step it up a notch. High heels even! I think I will be spending the next two weeks shopping :)

I am also going to continue looking for some freelance work based on a (brilliant!) idea I have. More on that if I can pull it off. My problem is staying motivated so I have to keep the ball rolling and just maintain the focus. That's not me at all!

We are off to the Hunter Valley tomorrow for five days of winery fun with friends. Have a good weekend :)

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