Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a week! Working is hard... so belt up!

I am glad my working week is over! Oh my God! I have been moaning to Hubby all week about how hard it is to work outside of the house - the train, the walking, the sharing my space with others. I  have gone completely soft with my years of working from home. So I am absolutely exhausted now and wondering how every body does this all the time!!! My hat off to you all.


And, this is hard to say given that belts are so hot right now, but I don't think I know how to wear a belt properly!! There I have said it! Where on the region between the boobs and the crotch is the damned thing supposed to sit?? My waist is my largest area so right on the the waist makes me look bulbous where I don't want to look bulbous. But higher is naff and lower is a step too far back into the 80s. But I do like belts a LOT, but I never feel particularly comfortable or stylish wearing them. What I want to look like is these belt-tastic ladies below.

 This Anna Paquin rocking a small corset belt. Maybe a step too far for me but she looks hot.

This colour and this belt on Christie Brinkley are divine! How is it that she looks better now?

Heidi Klum in New York - this kind of belt wearing I could do because it avoids my waist. Must find a pink belt.

Actress April Bowlby wears a look that I think would work for me. A belt beneath layers - it adds interest to the waist without showing the full expanse of the middle.

Natalie Dormer at the Captain America premiere - silver and sexy.

English actress Summer Strallen wears a beautiful flower at her waist.

In the spirit of adventure I am going to spend some time perfecting my belt wearing. Hubby is in the US at the moment so I have charged him with the task of bring back these two belts from Anthropologie.

If you have belt wearing tips please pass them on ... my belt collection and I will thank you :)

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