Friday, July 1, 2011

Lacy loveliness

I have tried and tried to resist the lure of Catherine Middleton. I am a Socialist after all and Royalty is the vestige of an out of date hierarchical system that favours no one!!

But she sure is pretty and pretty things are my weakness, even if they are married to a Prince.

Her personal style is a little on the plain side for me. If I had her body and her deep pockets I'm pretty sure I would go for spectacular clothes, not just pretty ones. This fictional I could get it spectacularly wrong as well, but I do wish she would take more sartorial risks and let it go wrong occasionally. She is very restrained, no?

I have been keeping my eye on the lace trend lately .... a little past the peak of it's trendiness now I admit but that seems to be when I like to jump on board.

Catherine does it beautifully and exactly how the pretend Duchess me would do it, because TOO much lace is not something I would get all spectacular with. I know that much!

This dress she wore whilst touring Canada is so beautiful and right that even Catherine can't stop fondling it! (It's by Canadian designer Erdem Moralioglu - a nice touch.)

This is another look of his that I wish I - the normal Mum of three me - was rocking right now. Those pants are the perfect colour red I have been looking for! Not bright but not dirty. There's no prices on the website so I'll just pretend they cost $29.99 and add them to my virtual shopping trolley.
I may have to try my hand at this nice little 'some up some down with a bun twist' hair style as well.

Finally, to prove I have not turned into a total Royalist I also want to assure you that I also love the lacy looks on Jennifer Aniston and French actress Delphine Chaneac.

I am waiting for summer to try the lace look for myself, hopefully as successfully as these three ladies.

(* All photos from Getty Images.)

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