Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking at Laura Linney

Actress Laura Linney is 47 this year. She's one of those funny actresses that is always great whenever you see her, but she's not really going to sell a movie to me. Even though I like her... I suppose she doesn't play the Hollywood publicity game.

I have never really thought about her style ether but I saw this photo of her recently at the 2011 Cosmopolitan Magazine Practice Safe Sun Awards and thought that this gorgeous lavender dress against her fair skin is the perfect advertisement against getting a suntan! I wish her hair was softer, but when I'm 47 I hope I can carry this look off as successfully.

She seems to have found a silhouette that suits her .. the fitted, structured short dress that I happen to love on myself.

However, when her clothes get a bit 'sacky' she starts to look droopy and larger. Not so good. I mean why would you want to do the below to yourself when you could look like the gorgeous photos above??!

Fitted good, sack bad. Please take note Laura.

(* All photos come from Getty Images.)

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