Thursday, June 30, 2011

The black whole

I love colour! I always try to wear something with a strong colour or pattern just to add that pop of interest. But sometimes even a colour enthusiast like me just wants to dress sombre, in greys and blacks.

It's okay though because then you can look at the silhouette and get back to basics with some classic shapes and some good quality. There is also that always fun option of adding colour and interest with accessories. Ooooh, I do LOVE to experiment with accessories!

I'm staying local today. I have noticed that I do a lot of my dream shopping in international stores on the Internet, neglecting to even check the local brands. It's bad of me because it's no biggie if every second person has a jumper that you covet - it is your mission to make it fit in with your style by adding a little something different to it.

My pick of the black goodness today goes as follows...

Nice, but maybe a little too monochrome? Jazz them up with these bright spots.

(l-r - Jigsaw red belt, Lancome lipstick, Ice purple watch, Elk wooden necklace, Jigsaw scarf, Louen Hide bucket bag, David Lawrence silver bag.)

What I really wish though is that I was walking the streets of Oslo on a sunny summer's day looking exaclty like the gorgeous Hanneli. Wouldn't that be perfect?

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