Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High waisted? An inch too far?

I must confess to a love of the high waisted jean! I know!! Who do I think I am, Katie Holmes or something?
Let me assure you I am no Katie Holmes in figure or fortune, but I still can't get the funky look of highwaisted jeans out of my head.
Really, the truth is that no woman who wore these jeans when they were a child (I'm raising my hand) should slip back into them 30 years and three children later. So I want to try to recreate that 70s jeans look without the risk of looking like I have just dusted off my real 70s jeans.
My solution is to don a waisted blouse that povides that high waisted look with it's own cunningly included tight waist.
A la...

I bought this Ralph Lauren silk blouse from ebay in summer and it's a perfect fit, perfect colour, perfect silky feel. All round perfection. I am going to wear it with my Lucky Brand Charlie flares and a red cardigan I bought from Target years ago. You need the right platforms as well ... so from the ankles down I'll look something like this little beauty from Shoe Show.


  1. I love that blouse!

    Helen, X

  2. Me too Helen!! You might find another one on ebay if you look hard.


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