Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Look out! Colour below.

Another trend I love but am not sure if I can pull off is coloured jeans/pants. I have never been bold enough to venture into colour or pattern on the bottom instead of the top territory, but looking at some beautiful examples in the media has made me think seriously about finding the courage from somewhere!!

I could start off by easing myself into the coloured bottom waters by sticking with neutrals. White?!? Hmmm .... maybe because I do like white in winter as well as summer.

Kelly Rutherford, Leslie Bibb, Fearne Cotton, and Cameron Diaz all looking good in white pants.

Or I could leap in and pull on some bold colours and wear them with a self-confident swagger.

 I mean how good does Elle MacPherson look!? I'd like to think I'm just a pair of red jeans away from looking like this while I drop my kids off at school, but probably there is more of a gap than I'd like to admit ;)

I seriously love these tartans pants from Tripp NYC. With a big white or black jumper slouching over the top I think I could venture this far! Could a 40-something Mum wear these??


  1. Sure she could, with the right accessories -like if they were tucked into knee-high tan boots, and with the big black jumper loosely belted with a textured tan belt. Why ever not?

  2. OOoh, I love all these looks, but fear that you need to be smaller down the bottom (if you know what I mean). I wear white pants, but with loooong tops. And I avoid my two little lads at all costs.

    So lovely to 'meet' you. Your blog looks like I could get lost here for hours!



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