Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lovely rocks that dangle

 Etsy can be a bit hit and miss. Etsy shoppers know what I mean! There are some pretty naff home ec projects for sale. Sifting through the horrors can take some time so when you find a seller/designer you like you stick to it or you regret it.

I am sticking to my new favourite jewellery maker, Justine from sageANDindie. Yesterday I received a lovely package from her containing two gorgeous necklaces.

One is amethyst and the other is green sea glass. They both dangle perfectly to my favourite necklace ending spot, just below the boobs. And, look, she sends a lovely handwritten thank you card with every purchase.

These little beauties are my nod to the current trend of stone cut jewellery like these fine examples from my favourite place to do imaginary internet shopping -  Anthropologie.

* If you've never seen Regretsy then do yourself a favour - you'll have a good laugh. 'It's where DIY meets WTF'! Honestly the things people think others will spend money on is astounding!!)

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