Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like waving a red flag!

Ruby reds are on my mind today -
  • The red hibiscus flowers that are experiencing a mid-winter bloom thanks to the appearance of the warm winter sun. They are in a planter box at our front door and it makes me so happy to walk past their happy flowers!
  • Oozing, roasted red tomatoes that are going into our soup for dinner tonight.
  • The red beads on my bracelets bought in India 10 years ago... not so much the pale, pasty arm though!
  • Red shoes ANYTIME. I bought my red desert boots a couple of years ago in London, but these are the same ones!
  • Bold red lips. I'm over the pale lips thing but a quick search of the Internet shows celebrities are still way behind me. They'll have to leave behind flesh coloured lipstick sooner or later!
  • and my favourite red cardigan bought from Gap yonks ago!

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