Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunshine almost always makes me smile

The sun is out in Sydney today! I feel like I have emerged from a dark wet tunnel onto a bright sunny beach! Hahaha! In Sydney we are such babies about overcast weather, and I'm orignally from Queensland so I'm especially partial to sunny days. I know the rest of the world labours under cloudy, cold skies for much longer than we do, but that doesn't make it better!

Cardigan is from OldNavy and the white t-shirt is from Cotton On

So in celebration of the sun I wore my sunniest, while still being warm, cardigan. It's yellow - what could be sunnier than that! It's my attempt to keep the sun around for a while, sort of a sartorial sun dance :)

Let's stay with all yellow for a while - searching for these yellow lovelies made me feel very happy.

The watch is from Jules B, the scarf from Boden, the rug from Zainterior, and the clogs from Anthropologie. The others are random images off the internet.  

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