Monday, June 20, 2011

Stripes and spots go together lots and lots!

Today I bring up a point on which I differ with a friend of - spots and stripes together! Not a terribly controversial topic you wouldn't think, but apparently my friend HATES it! Hates them together!! (Her shouting, not mine.)

I learnt this about her because I was having coffee with her once and across the room she spied another coffee sipper who was wear a pair of spotty flats with a stripey t-shirt This so incensed my friend that I was treated to a 15 minute tirade about how much she hates those two things together. Apparently the wearer ought to just pick one or the other not pile both together causing a clash of patterns that is outrageous to behold!


Well, I am seeing her this afternoon and I am trying a little experiment - will her head spin around if she sees me wearing a spot t-shirt in direct contact with a stripey belt? Really, I think this is the least adventurous of all the pattern clashes out there, but I happen to like pattern clashes and may just have to be a lot more bold in the future!

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