Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am born!

I have landed on the Web right here! This is not my first blog - I used to have a more personal one but I just ended up complaining about my husband and my kids. No one wants to read that, right!?

So in my new frame of mind .. namely sleeping through the nights thanks to all of the kids being old enough to indulge me in my beauty sleep, jobless thanks to being made redundant three days ago (yikes), and wondering about my new place in the world ... I have decided to take up blogging.

I have always been very aesthetically minded. I'm a Libran and apparently we are very into beautiful things. 10 years ago I would have said that didn't really interest me, but the older I have become the more image conscious I have become. Weirdly! Wasn't that supposed to be left behind in my teen years?

Not image conscious in the sense that I want people to think I have lots of money or am super hot or up to date with all the fashion trends, I just want to look like an interesting person, with a striking style that says I have an aesthetic point of view. And it looks like I care.

I'm trying to find the style that suits me in my 40s and it's bloody tough folks! I don't have babies to regurgitate on my clothes, so I am not all about washandwear comfort anymore. But I also don't go into an office full of funky hipsters so I don't have to compete with that crowd. I have a morbid fear of looking like mutton dressed as lamb (or fly dressed as maggot as my nine year old would say).

A lot of fashion I see around me just doesn't look appropriate for my life or my age. So I'm going to try to 40-fy it! Get it - like fortify but with the 40 in there so that it really means make it appropriate for my age group?! Hee hee.

Sometimes I am going to take photos of myself wearing my clothes for the day. You'll see that I am better at dreaming about outfits than I am at wearing them.

Winter time is all about the scarves for me. Once you go outside with your coat on no one can see your jumper, so I say don't waste a good jumper by making it hide under a coat! That is the first bit of fashion wisdom I am giving to you for free. You are welcome.

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