Friday, June 10, 2011

A sheep crossed with something fashionable...

The jumpers shelf in my wardrobe is in the most dire need of an overhaul! I have some old jeans, some tired shoes, and some pre-2000s t-shirts but it is my jumpers that are letting my wardrobe down.
Cardi's in all colours and v-neck woolies don't seem to cut it any more, so I need a couple of new winter warms to add some zing to the jeans + boots + t-shirt + jumper combo that I seem to favour lately.

Now, just so you know, I CANNOT do the boxy cropped, or oversized batwing thang! I can't! I have boobs and those boobs make boxy things look like I'm hiding a furry animal on my torso.

So this from Jag will never happen...

Even with skinny black jeans, and the best black boots, and all sorts of fabulous jewellery this would never look good on me. So rejecting that shape rules out at least 50% of the knitwear in the shops at the moment! Every women's wear retailer is having a serious Flashdance throwback!

However, this could be a goer.

Nice but still not quite the ticket. So, of course, I scoured some of my favourite internet shopping sites for inspiration, and now I'm sold! Looks like the good old computer mall might win out over actually turning up to a shop once again! (I seem to like stripes a lot ... I never realised that.)

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  1. Haha! I am currently buying v neck jumpers because they look fabulous with collared shirts under them for winter. My new thing, so it's interesting that you are throwing them out! They work well with scarves and fab jewelry, I reckon.

    I see I am your first follower - woohoo! I think you may have struck a point with us other 40 somethings who want to look stylish but elegant, with a bit of an individual style that comes from the confidence of having been around a little longer!


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